Why you need a loan and how to apply for it?

In earlier times there was a system of lending money to the to poor farmers from the slightly richer farmers or businessmen. The loan was seasonal and the farmer has to repay it by the end of the season with the interest decided. However the farmers were dependent on the monsoon and rain is unpredictable so they sometimes get struck on the wrong side of the deal. They had to repay a lot more than what was actually decided as they were not able to pay it on time. The rich farmers use to exploit the poor for their benefit. But that was old times. Now the world has evolved and so has everything. Taking loans in today’s world is lot more easier as the options of the loan lenders are numerous. Their is proper legal documentation of the deal and there are some subsidies for the client.

A person can need loan at any point of time, you never know the need heading your way. A sudden calamity, a new car, house repair or a new house, it may be anything and not every body has surplus money at once for these kind of liabilities. This when we have to look for an external source for money and there are companies ready to lend us that amount at some rate of interest in return. Personal loans are easy to apply, all you need is a set of authenticated proofs that that lenders want you to deposit.

Capitallife is on of the best loan lending firms active in Phlipines. After merging with Esquire Financing Inc. in 2011, Capiltalife offers business loans to small and medium scale business owners those have a positive revenue record and have good track record as well. Capitalife is committed to help people and entrepreneurs succeed financially and we strive to give support on-going economic growth, financial stability and promote self-sufficiency by supporting in particular and community improvement. We offer support by giving personal loans or business loans with low interest rates.

We are supporting community development and various business needs, working hard to strengthen our society by lending funds that will actively help our users in economic development. We are offering fast processing once we have received your application form with all the required documents. Personal loans are guaranteed in 2 or 3 business days, business loans and car loans can take upto 7 business days.

The document that we will require for personal loans applicants are:

  1. A properly filled personal loan application form.
  2. 3 valid ids.
  3. 3 specimen signatures.
  4. Annual income tax return(BIR form2316)
  5. 3 months of latest payslips
  6. Proof of Billing (account should be under your name) or Barangay Clearance
  7. Bank Statement of Account (at least 3 months) or Payroll Advice (6 months)
  8. Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  9. 2 ID pictures (1×1 or 2×2 in size)
  10. 5 personal references (can be immediate family members or friends outside work)
  11. ID & Picture of the person who will sign the promissory note
  12. Checking Account PDCs
  13. If married, spouse’s signature in the contract.

The documents for business loan applicants will be:

  1. Original 3 months Bank Statement with used checks and bank certification
  2. Photocopy of Mayor’s and DTI permit. )
  3. Photocopy of two valid ids
  4. Pictures of Applicant and Co-Maker
  5. Proof of billing
  6. Sketch of business and residence location

For Corporations, prepare the following documents:

        1. SEC registration

        2. Se b. Secretary’s Cert. with Board Resolution.

        3. Income Tax Return with Audited Financial Statements.

The documents required for the car loan applicants are:


  1. Employed for at least 3 years (if you own your company, positive income for at least one year)
  2. Min: 24 years old Max: 60 years old
  3. No court cases.
  4. Some of the banks only cover some specific areas for loans in the Philippines
  5. Foreigners must be married to a Filipino, with 1 or 2 exceptions

Employed applicant

  1. 3 Valid ID’s – 1 from Company and 2 Government issued Ids what ever it is,a Passport, Driver’s license, SSS
  2. Latest ITR 2316
  3. Certificate of Employment (COE) issued for the last 2 months
  4. Original bank statement of last 3 months.(Payroll )
  5. Checking Account with latest 3 months bank statements
  6. Latest billing statement (Electrical, water bill or telephone)
  7. Original Barangay Clearance
  8. Police clearance
  9. Picture of Applicant and Co-Maker
  10. Sketch of Residence Location

Self-employed or part owner applicant

  1. 2(two) Valid ID’s
  2. Photocopy of Mayor’s Permit and DTI permit
  3. Photocopy of DTI Registration or SEC Registration with GIS
  4. Original Barangay Clearance
  5. Latest ITR 2307/1701
  6. Bank Statements for the last 4(four) months
  7. Checking Account at least 6 months existing account
  8. Picture of Applicant and Co-Maker
  9. Sketch of Business Location

For corporation

  1. SEC Registration
  2. Secretary’s Cert. with Board Resolution
  3. ITR with F.S.

Get Fast Personal Loans Online

If you ever faced the situation when you find that it is very hard to get the Personal Loans from you local bank in fast and easy way don’t worry now it become very easy to get personal loans online in easy and quick way. There are many financial companies which will tell you the quick and easy process on how to get the fast loan online. You just have to fill the complete and simple loan application form. You just have to follow some simple steps:-
With the help of internet it is now possible to apply for the loan on the internet. You can search on the internet and find financial organization or banks which provide you Instant personal, car, business mortgage with in few hours. Always compare and check the interest rates of different bank on amount.
If your bank does not offer the option for online loan , you can also look to other banks. As the process of of getting wired loan is very easy and fast forward. Before submitting any application on the internet, you also have to make sure that lender is trustworthy or not.  You have to fill out all your personal details like name, address, your bank credit details and checking your bank account information.


After the full review of your money application there is no guarantee that your credit application will be approved or not it will be either approved or reject by the bank depending upon the loan amount you are requesting.
If your personal loans application is approved by the bank check the interest rate and other fees which are being charged for the fast online loan service.  If you accept the terms and conditions of the loans you will receive the money  in your account with 2-3 working days.

Personal loan services offered by Capitalife

Capitalife.ph offers personal loans. Personal loan is very useful for many number of reasons like if you are thinking to buy a new house,new car and for new business,education for your children,and for other your personal needs Today Getting an Personal Loan is not an easy task. Many people are faced with the problems when they want an urgent money but with the high interest rates they was not able to take borrowed money from lenders. But Capitalife now also offers business money to small and medium sized business owners on cheap interest rates.

Getting a sum of money option is everywhere and it also depends upon the size of the loans required. There are many benefits of getting a secured loan as they are approved very quickly. They offers fast processing loans services as once they received your application and all the requirements details they start their work on your application. You can get the guaranteed loan for the business and also get the car loans with in 2 -3 business days. They offers personal loans, You have to provide the complete and true information when you are about to submitted the application form. There will be no application fees or any other hidden charges.

Capitalife Lending Inc.

The best thing about our services is now you can apply for money directly online. You just have to fill out the business,education borrowed application form online and check all the necessary requirements for taking loans. After filling all the details completely our loan experts will get in touch with you for the further procedure.

Taking loan from us is very easy and time saving process. We also offers low rates interest based on your qualifications,We respect our customers and provide excellence services.